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2021 Awesome List

At the end of each year, I like to take some time to sit down and reflect on the past year. A lot of time we tend to focus on the bad things, the stuff that went wrong, or the goals we failed to achieve. But, I think if we actually take the time to reflect with intention and gratitude, we will see we achieved more wins than we think. Maybe you failed at some things, but you gained insight into moving forward. Or perhaps you lost your job, but it sparked a new creative outlet for you. You spent much less time working, but you spent more time with family.

Whatever it was for you in 2021, I tend to believe that when you take the time to do this exercise and you focus on all that was good, you will see that you did indeed have many awesome things happen over the course of the year.

I'm sharing mine here and I encourage you to do this same. I have included a pdf of the 2021 Awesome List template for you to print and write out your own list. Please share with me or others to inspire them to do the same.

My 2021 Awesome List

I'm going in chronological order since that is way my brain works. Feel free to write out however you desire.

  • Visited my sisters in Arizona in January and hiked the Wave Cave!

  • Survived the winter freeze in Texas and continued to donate my plasma to help those with Covid-19.

  • Took my son to his first actual college tour (non-virtual) to University of Oklahoma and starting planning his future beyond high school.

  • Spent hours collaborating, coordinating, and creating content for our first-ever virtual fundraiser for my job at Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation.

  • Celebrated my mother's 80th birthday in Phoenix!

  • Sold our house in record time for an amount I never could have dreamed someone would offer.

  • Celebrated my 20th anniversary in San Antonio with Cedric. It was the place we got engaged as well as the place we celebrated our 1st anniversary.

  • Joined my son for several epic photo shoots as part of his senior pictures.

  • Found a place to temporarily live that was more than I ever could have asked for or imagined, and said good-bye to our home of 19 years.

  • Somewhere between all the moving, planning, and coordinating, I got in the best shape I have been in 10 years!

  • Committed to writing again and started this new Rhonda Layton blog!!

  • Watched my son play the lead in Shakespeare's As You Like It.

  • Saw John Legend in concert with Cedric.

  • Went through a scary three weeks of breast cancer uncertainty and found out the lump is benign!!

  • Took another college visit to Arizona State and was able to spend time with my sisters and bother AND took another epic hike with Jackson!

  • Committed to running again AND signed up for the NYC Half Marathon!

And that was just some of the awesome things that I made happen in 2021. Now, I can start planning my goals for 2022! My biggest goal is one I'm not ready to share yet, but I just know God is leading me in the direction to start using all the gifts He gave to me!

What's on your Awesome List for 2021?

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