• Rhonda Layton

If You're in Reverse, You Won't Move Forward

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Imagine getting in your car and driving to your destination the entire time in reverse. It seems ridiculous and scary. But I've been doing that a lot in my life. Driving in reverse, hoping to move forward.

I have been stuck in this pattern of trying to REinvent myself. But instead of looking forward and taking steps to progress, I've often been looking into the rear view mirror into the past six years for insight for growth, while constantly being in comparison mode. It's been so frustrating because no matter how hard I tried, I just could never seem to be that person I once was. It's been like trying to walk up an escalator that is moving downward.

Instead of growing into the person I am today in new ways and experiences, I thought I must follow the same patterns, goals, dreams of who I was then. And it all became suddenly clear that I cannot move forward if my gear is in reverse, if I'm always looking back, comparing my life today to my former self.


The truth is I used to be a runner. I used to run marathons. I used to be much fitter than I am today. I used to be a successful coach and leader. Trying to be that person again is more exhausting than actually running marathons.

When we spend time evaluating ourselves in comparison to our former selves, we not only miss on the precious moments of the present, we devalue the potential of our future selves.

The truth is I am fit in my almost 46-year body. I am moving my body in new ways that work with the schedule that match the priorities that are important to me today. I am a successful and am learning that often God plants us in places to use our gifts in ways we never expected. The truth is that I am not at all the person I was, because I love the more spiritually grounded person I am and need to be today.

Comparison to your past is limiting yourself from your current potential. Learn from it, but don't get stuck in the past.

Embrace who you are today. Fall in love with who you are becoming.

Put the gear into DRIVE and move forward. Enjoy the ride!

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