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Running with a Purpose

Updated: Feb 3

I used to run a lot. I've completed several marathons and many half marathons over the years, but when my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2016 and passed away in November of that same year, I lost a lot of my drive in life. I stopped doing a lot of the things that gave me joy, especially running. I never ran in races any longer until I came across LUNGevity in 2017 and found my reason to lace up my running shoes again.

Representing Team Go Johnny Go

My entire family joined me in Dallas in November 2017 - the one-year anniversary of my dad's passing, to walk in LUNGevity's Breath Deep DFW. Every year since, I honored him by running or walking in a 5K walk to support the Foundation. It was that one weekend a year I felt the joy again to run.

Running in New York

When I recently saw the opportunity to run for the LUNGevity Foundation in the NYC Half Marathon, it was just the motivation I needed to not only get serious about running again, but to support a cause that gives purpose to my goal. I love New York City with all my heart and this particular race sparked a passion in me that I thought I had lost. And the best part...I know my dad would be so proud not only that I'm running again, but that I found my reason to run again. Running in one of my favorite cities through all the sights and sounds, while honoring my dad, is truly a dream to me. He was such a huge supporter of me and to do this for him makes it all the more special.

Proceeds from this event will benefit LUNGevity Foundation, the leading private provider of research funding for lung cancer. I'm making a personal commitment to help them raise money to support their vital work—will you please help me? I know this would mean the world to my dad.

LUNGevity Foundation is firmly committed to having an immediate impact on increasing quality of life and survivorship of people with lung cancer by accelerating research into early detection and more effective treatments, as well as providing community, support, and education for all those affected by the disease.

Please join me in my efforts to stop lung cancer—the leading cancer killer—now!

LUNGevity Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law.

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